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The Have A Plan mobile app has been designed and created to encourage individuals who may have had too much to drink to Have A Plan when impaired. It also serves to provide interactive information on the dangers of being under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs and getting behind the wheel.

Don’t Drive. Get a Ride

Uses your mobile device’s GPS-feature to identify any taxi services near where you are located. (NOTE: Not all services may be available). Also includes a feature allowing you to enter and store the names and numbers of people you would call if you were too impaired to drive. This way, you’ll always have a plan for a safe ride home!

Plan your night out on the town!

Includes access to services for dining, travel, and tickets to all sorts of events.

have a plan app
games within the have a plan app

Test Your Skills

An interactive section of the app with 4 skill assessments that test your mobility, reaction time, memory and accuracy; all of which can be compromised when impaired. Please note that these games are not a definitive assessment of a person’s ability to drive. You can be arrested for DWI with a BAC under 0.08 if you show signs of impaired driving regardless of your ability to complete one of the games.

  • Backwards It Spell: cognitive skill test featuring spelling words backwards
  • Steady Now: skill test for stability
  • Fill’er Up: skill test for precision and accuracy
  • Pile High: skill test for reaction time

We hope people who take the time to download the app will share it with others to promote safe driving on New York roadways! Brought to you by the STOP-DWI New York with funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration through a grant from the New York State Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee.

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